Summer lotus flowers

If you love gardens, one of the visits you can take while staying at Montage is to the Jardin de Martels. It’s about one and a half hours drive and you can choose to take the motorway (toll road) or the scenic country back roads. Why not take one going there and the other coming back?

The gardens are stunning in the summer time, but equally lovely at other times of the year Рwith over 2,500 different types of plants there is always something to see. Their specialty is lotus flowers and they are amazing, blooming late June through September. At well over 1.5 metres high with huge leaves that could almost be used as umbrellas, the lotus flowers come in lovely whites and pinks, but the left over seed-pod are also quite pretty in its own way.

Take a look at some of these photos, and start planning your trip so you can stay at Montage during the lotus blooming season.